The Fingertipsaint Sessions Vol I

by bravecaptain



released August 17, 2000

Recorded and mixed at Stiwdio Ofn, Llanfaelog, 2000 by Gorwel Owen.
All songs written by Martin Carr.
Mastered at Abbey Road by Chris Blair.



all rights reserved
Track Name: Big Red Control Machine
View me from the outside
So funny and crude
But herein lies the heart of a serious dude

With the hand of vengeance they found the bed
To which the purple tyrant had cowardly fled
Then the iron hand crushed the tyrant's head
And became the tyrant in his stead
Track Name: Raining Stones
I've been in this house too long
All my friends have gone
They think I've disappeared.
Been out of my head so long
The years have come and gone
They've left me out of place
I've been in this state so long
A voice inside me tells me I must go
And get outside where the air is cool
Where the walls don't come and me
I'm such a fool
Breathe deep I rescue me
But out there on the streets
I can see it's not just me that's been asleep
Everyone's gone home
No-one does a thing until they have been told
And now I'm in a bar
Someone wants to fight me for a beer
Drunk and mean, without a soul
What am i doing here?
I head for home
Breathe deep I rescue me
Raining stones