by bravecaptain

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released January 30, 2006

Written and recorded at home by Martin Carr, 2005.
Mixed by Frank Naughton.



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Track Name: Whatever Happened to the Fingertipsaint?
Last time I saw him he was looking alright
Stuck in a one eyed town, begging for light
Eating the afterlife bite after bite
(and he says) You cannot nail down that which will not be nailed
(and he says) You cannot derail that which will shall not be railed
(and he says) You cannot buy someone unless they're for sale
He's wearing black cat skin, bifocal and lace
Boa constrictor belt is wrapped around his waist
But no-one seems to know where he is of late
He's alright, he's out of sight
He got a two tone fake electronic flute
He live on chick pea marijuana and fruit
Controls the sun with the tap of his foot
He's got it coming to him, every last cut
He's got his monkey he going to make it ok
Track Name: I Don't Know Any Better
Her name was K
I could have stayed all day
I hear she's gone away
I hear she's in New York now
I know that road
I live in hope
That I will see her again
'Though neither of us could cope
But I, I don't know any better
I need to leave
I need to breathe
I can't stay here no more
I know you've heard that before
You're going to hear it again
Because you're my friend
You'll simply smile and say
We'll try and find a way
And I, I don't know any better
Track Name: Punk Rock
Oh the sadness of us all
Weeping willow, friendly fire
I'm confused
I'm confused in my shoes, what is right, what is wrong
I don't know any more
But I know this could be what we want it to be
If we tried some more
Weeping willow, friendly fire
Weeping willow, paper tiger
As the hour binds the day
I place a marker 'Not for Sale'
Or advertise all the lies, fuck your friends
Your own ends are worth so much more
And I don't want to be what you want me to be
That's not what I'm here for
Weeping willow, friendly fire
Weeping willow, money spider
Did you hear about Pink?
She shaved her minky
And if you could stoop that low
You'd see the Pepsi logo
Have you heard U2? Well, they're better than you
And if they say buy, don't ask why
Track Name: Ocean
Weighed down by mortgage and bills
Searching for a raindrop in the ocean
Closing time
Did we find what we set out to find?
Searching for a raindrop in the ocean
All my life
Searching for a raindrop in the ocean
Track Name: European Man
Pale as the days that slip beneath my feet
I was born and raised upon European streets
I do not bow to the Nikkei Dow
I do not follow the shekel or the dollar
I hug all my friends and I drink 'till I'm sick
I've always got a plan
I'm a European man
Living in the ruins of a thousand years
Fighting with my mind
Coping with my fear
I don't need a gun or a Samurai
I don't use religion as an alibi
I hug all my friends and I drunk until I'm sick
I think before I shoot
I'm a European man.
Track Name: It's What We Make It
Baby I don't know what's wrong
I know I haven't been on song
But I loves ya
So let's thaw out this freeze
This town has brought me to my knees
But I luvs ya
I feel it now
I know that I have been so down
So Let's stop messing around
'Cos I luvs ya
I hold you in my arms at night
Even when we turn out the light
I luvs ya
I feel it now
Track Name: Oh You
Two monkeys in space
remnants of their race
Animal, just like all the rest
'Ooh Ooh I love you"
Says monkey 1 to monkey 2
And their hearts, synchronised, skipped a beat
In the heat of the moment
Oh you and the things you do to me
Honey for a bee
Everything is right where it belongs
Incompatible signs
Is it yours or is it mine
And the cat sits there at the bottom of the stair all night
Oh you and the things you do to me
Everything I need
This song I sing is a spell that will keep us together
Track Name: Jerusalem (feat Akira The Don)
There's no choice when there's only one outcome
There's no discussion when there's only one voice
And the world is lurching so far right
I fall out of bed at night
The darkness develops, envelopes and snares
Live fat, die young
Love songs, unsung
I dreamt I was a butterfly
I knew not that I was I
And nothing save the day could bother me
A butterfly dreamt she was me
And she knew not that she was she
Life is a dream if you can stay awake