Better Living Through Reckless Experimentation Ep

by bravecaptain



released March 19, 2001

Recorded at Famous Studios, Cardiff. November 2000
Engineered by Andy Wilkinson
Tracks 1,4 mixed by the awayTEAM
Tracks 2,3 mixed by Andy Wilkinson



all rights reserved
Track Name: Better Living Through Reckless Experimentation
Better living through reckless experimentation
Scraping lessons off my shoe and diving right back in
We know who we are, it's only the start
Pulling rabbits out of my hat to avoid confrontation
Seizing moments that to others mean nothing at all
We know who we are, it's only the start
Burning bridges, falling through them
Me, I'm fireproof caucasian
Speak in tongues
We know we are, it's only the start
Track Name: The Canton Hotel (These questions are very easy)
"You have waited all of this time, wait a little longer"
So my daddy said to me, when I was much younger
Crops as tall as elephant ears, sun that burns much brighter
Things I've never seen with my eyes, I'll stay a little longer
Separated from my friends, laughing with a stranger
Leave the car we'll have us a drink
Or maybe something stronger
Everybody says "Hello! Can I help you, neighbour?"
There's always somewhere new to go
But we'll stay a little longer
Then there's the thought that this might not be
That's when I need a guiding light
Track Name: Me and You Glue
Train so slow
Where am I going?
What am I doing?
I can't tell
What is real
That's how I feel
I wish I had the glue
To put us back together
I try to keep everyone happy
Everyone laughing
Inside of me
Everything's crashing
And no-one's laughing
I wish I had the glue
To put us back together
My bag is full
Of lucky pennies
Unlucky memories
I've had so much
I've never wished for
Anything more
But I wish I had the glue
To put us back together
Track Name: Stronger
I was spraying 'Free bravecaptain!'
On the wall of the police station
Revolutionary handbook sticking out of my back pocket
I was working on some ways to maybe live a little longer
Cut back on the smokes
It's harder
'But it feels as though I'm younger
Though I'm older
Feel more scared 'though I'm bolder
In the morning of my life I used to think I was so crazy
But my mum and dad were under the impression I was lazy
We got on ok, I told them I was going to be a big star
Learned to play guitar
So hard, as I'm no natural
Busted strings
Broken fingers
And I'm not much of a singer
But I'm stronger
I woke up at last and threw my television out the window
Unable to watch another minute of commercials
Someone held a sign above their head, it read
'Why don't you get a job?'
A career in politics
It seems so easy
Keep apart the classes
Anesthetise the masses
But I'm stronger