All Watched Over By Machines of Loving Grace

by bravecaptain



released August 2, 2004

Written and recorded at home by Martin Carr, 2004.
Mixed by Sir Doufous Styles at The Signal Box.
Vocals on 'Good Life' by Sice.



all rights reserved
Track Name: All Watched Over By Machines of Loving Grace
Banging out the rhythm of our lives
To stop from going under
Say you're sorry, build your body
Watching clocks and folding money
Writing letters, dissing betters
Building cages, nothing's settles
Put your shoes, go out walking
Eating, sleeping, breathing, talking
All watched over by machines of loving grace
Track Name: Into Thin Air
Everybody needs to open up
The secret can't tell what the open hand does
Everybody needs to open up
Peel off the cover and offer up
I'll do the same
'Cos what can you disappear into thin air?
Be my friend, share my fate
Let me in, step inside, don't be late
Nail a sign to a tree, let it hang for you and me
'Cos what can we take when we disappear into thin air?
Arms are arms as we can see but don't you lay those ARMS on me
Open up
Track Name: Every Word You Sound
My oh my, what a world this is
Heaven bound, every word you sound
I'm wading through the water from your eyes
Getting lost, every word you toss
Spinning through the air and blurring lines
Oh I, I can feel it
It hurts so much, believe it
As the world, it drags me down
And I hate the whirring sound
Of agents of our destiny
Second hand and lies are not reasons
Track Name: Metamorphic Rocks!
Metamorphic Rocks!
Track Name: Flow Machines
Together we stand on this confused land
In growing isolation
Scores of friends and aliens and those we place above
Who hide their hands, refuse demands for demystification
It's alright (Lie)
Go with the flow, on the need to know
As to avoid confrontation
I keep to myself but if you need some help
You can always find me here
Flow machine through collective dreams
If anybody tells you, it's alright
It's lies
Half my age on the minimum wage
My life so far disaster
My indolent frame was much to blame
For the lack of light but
But deep inside was a restless pride a raw determination
It's alright (lies)
Fuck with the flow, go the way you go
Don't follow institution
Voice in my head, the daily bread.
I leave it to myself
A knock on the door it's a truckload more
Unsolicited imposition
It's alright (lies)
I leave it myself
But I always get seen when I think I'm home clean
I leave it to myself
But the jokes on me when I got to come clean
Track Name: Good Life
You say you know what I did last summer
Well I don't know what I did today
And though we're keeping it all around us
I don't know whether I can stay
There are some who fight for others
I know a few who just care for themselves
Some people they need to have families
And some like to be by themselves
My friend, Melanie, is a teacher
She likes to write down her thoughts
And though she takes love and care of her family
She needs more
Some people they work in boxes
Others graft in the great outdoors
My parents both worked the nightshift
And some people are drowned in dirt
With all our might, everyone's fighting for a good life
Coming to terms with all this real life
Everything's slower today
Track Name: Bethesda
Hum a lonely figure
Fire in the park
Clouds of happy brothers
Sheltered from the dark
Hum a lonely figure
Everybody came
Bryn Derwen was waiting
To ease my weary frame
Hum a lonely figure
Rolling through the hills
Take a lonely figure
Hold them until
You hum a lonely figure
Then it's time to go
Forever the road is waiting
Forever the road winds on
Track Name: Little Giant
She's ten feet small
Track Name: Big Black Pig Pile
She said don't be lonely
I let it hang there in the air
The pressure upon me
Unwound and left me there
I don't look for trouble
But it always finds me here
The years keep on coming
The fight is still out there
The meter's still running
And I got good times to share
I don't ask for trouble
But it finds me every time
Big black pig pile, won't you stay for a while?
This union will never be broken
Big black pig pile, won't you hang for a while
We'll keep the fires lit, you knows it my love
Track Name: Weaponised
And now my shape is more define
Disparate parts more intertwined
I don't know why, I don't know why
I've weaponised my state of mind
I do not bow down to any flag
A country is just a piece of dirt
And all those flags, those stupid songs
Are like the workings of tiny minds
I do not want to go to the beach
And burn my skin 'neath skies of fire
My belief hangs by a gossamer thread
I've weaponised my state of mind