Advertisements For Myself

by bravecaptain



released October 14, 2002

Recorded and mixed at Famous Studios, Cardiff by Richard Jackson, 2001 and at home.
Written and produced by Martin Carr.



all rights reserved
Track Name: The Sound of Wichita
we wont forget ya, we're trying to connect ya
we live by the wire, modern messiah
steeping the steps up, for giving us less
you're always the liar, never the fire
trapped in this capsule, it's a permanent battle
you're never a loner, when you're a stoner

why can't you be normal, relentlessly formal
you piss in our water, it's all that we're good for
media friendly, feeding the frenzy
the pound or the euro, they'll still take it from you
boy! will they be glad when they've got us all tagged
as long as we behave we can all be saved

it's a long wait to find that you've wasted half your li
Track Name: Stand Up And Fight
and then there comes the moment, when everything is clear
i yearn like hell the ringing bell, election time is here
the coach is made of leather, he says "don't believe their lies
you've got your health, just be yourself, they'll kill you otherwise"

the left jabs at my conscience, the right jabs at my fear
i'm doubled up, i'm losing blood, the bullshit fills my ears
and later when i come to, the crowd have all gone home
i've lost my coat, i didn't vote, no-one hears my moan

stand up, stand up and fight
Track Name: Rod's Got One
braving the wind 'cos summer has not begun to bloom
and you're so far away
and these streets are dead without you

pacing the room in the day, no business to attend
i'm being made to pay
for the hurt i've done to others

breaking my arms to reach you
Track Name: I Was A Teenage Death Squad
handpicked out of many, guess my face just fit
taken to a black car and driven from my school
issued with a number that would be denied
if i was ever taken

gigged around the planet for five or six years
we partied with the locals then filled them full of holes
keeping down the people is not that hard
when they're already frightened

i was a teenage death squad
sent to keep the folks indoors
but i don't like to talk about it
i only did it for the applause
Track Name: Dive
the job was demanding
i never felt like working anyhow
i worked by the river
looking down i'd often wonder

what if i dived? would i survive?
nothing would change, nothing was my name

i lived by the factory
broken down and disused by the field
i walked on the roofbeams
looking down i'd often wonder

what if i dived? would i survive?
nothing will change when nothing's your name

i walked to the railtrack
across the road from where she parked the car
i waited for hours
staring at the line and wondering

what if i dared? who'd fucking care?
nothing will change when nothing's your name
Track Name: This Weight That You Have Found
day full of sleep, dreaming unconscious plays
now you are back in the place you are paid

days full of red and the green that i bought
weightlessness, warm breeze and you in my thoughts

i levitate to the sound of a song
sung in a place where we all belong

this weight that you have found is hard for you to drag around
Track Name: Betsi's Beads
globes of wood on a piece of string
but i don't want no other
in the bar, it broke my heart
when one of them went over

black and grey in a lonesome way
but i don't mean to smother
there's too few hours in the day
whenever we're together

i won't always be around
but i will live forever
as long as you remember me
as somebody who mattered

i drink too much and i fool around
oh! honey, i am trouble
i never know which way to go
but there is one thing that i do know

i'll keep 'em for ya
i'll never let them go
until you need them
i wanted you to know

i'll keep 'em for ya
i'll never let them go
until you need them
they'll be safe with me

i've got betsi's beads
Track Name: Fucking Sunday
miles removed from where i was
i'm still around
refuse to join the sunning crowd
and i will no longer
try to understand these things
i can't find peace
the first night i have been alone
since i've been here

i know i should be angry now, summon a curse
on those who like to drag me through
two different worlds
use your voice, make a choice
don't be confused
it never gets much easier
it only gets harder

brother bill is dead and gone
company rules
and these four walls that hold me in
cannot be broken

everything peripheral, edge of the night
i'd leave if i could only move
but i'm my own prisoner
use your voice, make a choice
Track Name: Mobilise
i can't find a corner to hang my weary head
and i don't take my orders from people who are dead
the boardroom rakes the profits, wages can't be found
leaders reaching summits while we're stuck on the ground

dehumanised and distant, pounded by the law
those who we look up to turned out to be flawed
looking down upon us from a telescope on mars
we'd think we were so foolish to let it get so far

when witch hunts blow the whistle god says let them fry
and christians high on mercy will take eye for an eye
it's hard to fly with one wing the left is old and bent
and love is often implied although it is never meant

mobilise or this is what you'll get
Track Name: Down Between
down between
mary and me
cool under pressure
and in no danger
Track Name: My Mind Pictures
with his prayer book in one hand
always was the family man
tries to sell me things screaming no possessions
and he works all through the night
trying to feed the hand that bites
and the people to my right are winning
and they hurt him with their songs
he does not belong
he's just about to run on empty
she laughs as i walk in
there's milk all down her chin
stacey's in a spin so tired
and your beauty is so fair
with a smile that is so rare
the kisses that we share last forever

my mind pictures your long hair flowing
you drive me crazy you're always with me

my mind pictures your red hair flowing
you drive me crazy you're always with me
Track Name: Release
've seen where we are and where we're going
the whispers have all gone, the hurting has begun
it's gonna be alright, it's gonna be okay
when everything has cooled
we'll gather up these tools
that mend these things

have changed but not for better
and everything i touch it always gets screwed up
tonight i feel so old, starting to unfold
but there's no one to blame
it's only just the same old me

celebrate the fact if you are with your lover
celebrate the city sky
celebrate your friends 'cos one day you'll discover
everything is gonna die

every woman is a queen, except the queen who's just a woman, one who takes too much loving