A Sublime Number - Singles Club 2005

by bravecaptain



released December 31, 2005

Written and recorded at home, January 2005.



all rights reserved
Track Name: January
Where are you now my best, most beautiful, friend?
I can't see you now, I know that you've been poor
I can't hear you now, can you hear me at all?
Now that you've gone from me I'm up and down
I know it's my fault I said I'd stick around
But I had to go, the walls were closing in
Though I'm stuck here now, I'm bound to you within
Oh! Where did you go my best, my most, beautiful friend?
Open your arms and catch me once again
Where are you now my best, most beautiful, friend?
Where have you gone?
Track Name: February
Heard the news when I awoke
I really wish you'd stayed
Now I got worry
But it's only life you see?
And now you know there's nothing else
That there's no sign to give
I'm not sorry, one life's enough for me
And I'm bringing up the rear
In this kingdom of fear
I understand my life better
The straight and narrow shall remain
And all the words they say
They just scurry in and out my head
And while the outside still remains
you've seen the last of me
Even if it's only a place where I can breathe
And I'm stepping out of line
It's hard to march in time
I'll drown in this sea of fools forever
Adventures through the looking glass
Hold on.
Track Name: March
Such a distance the water makes it wetter
You've no more Pills, how is it? Do you feel better?
I was lonesome, you embraced me
Man, it seems so long ago
At the concert with your mother
Funny boy, we love you so
At any given moment, I have time for you, my friend
Thinking of you and Darcey, living the life that you both love
We'll buy a dirty ticket, come and see you
Flung across the seas, we'll stand if we have to
You're banging out those Boston pops
And reining in those 45s
Sing the bears of Appalachia
From the books at Hay-On-Wye
They've got a message for you
And I hope it finds you well
Happy Birthday
Track Name: April
Mary got sick for a week or two
I held her hand as she slept through the hours
Working food and fire through rainy April grey
On we go
We go on
On we go
Laying on my back, playing Blonde on Blonde
I'm a Dylan man just like my dad before me
I'm raising high the roof beam, reading 'bout Jacques Roux
On we go
We go on
On we go
Track Name: May
Man is born free but he shops everywhere in chains
In Coventry the cuckoo clock keeps watch over remains
Of bombed out buildings, centuries of dust
And the swans that carry on their backs their young, while we watch
Dogs chase over Warwick Flats, deep in all this time
Playing for some unknown faces, trying to stay in time
And the thought it struck me right between the ears that I am free
And all these chains that wrap around me are illusory
I had to reach in to break out.
Track Name: June
He carries his pain in a old wooden frame
He sits in a bar where the old men play cards
For money, for kicks, for double or for quits
Under a scene by Jacques-Louis David
But republican intent, rarely pays the rent
So he returns to his place and he has a little taste
He looks for Helena, he kneels down before her
He clutches at her dress, puts his head upon her breast
And says "Home is a grave, always the same. Throw dirt on me"
She fixes him a drink, smiling she thinks
Of the time when his smile was the sun
And the words when they came were the same lines of truth
The laser of proof that shot through his eyes and burned his insides.
Helena says "Life is only lonely if you want it to be"
Summer, come back.
Track Name: July
Now there's just you and me
And your phone book makes three
hundred and eighty two of us
As today falls into tomorrow
Don't panic, please don't push
Don't trample, there's no rush
It's only an old man smoking a pipe
As today burns into tomorrow
It's too warm to wear that fleece
You might alarm the police
They'll hold you down and fill your head
And for you there'll be no tomorrow
If I don't vote again
Who says I can't complain?
I won't buy poison but it's still my right
To point and say "It's poison".
Track Name: September
Equinox, pagan wheel
September wasn't built in a day
And my stay has taken a turn
through August moon I say
To my sister, don't you worry
Brother it will be ok
Mother don't you ever feel you're alone
Maybe, Father, we can find a way
We are alive
Adam paints angry pictures
Tough love in a boiler suit
And I have been so low But now
I'm older I know I'll get through
Hill and lake, fields of green
Beauty like I've never seen
But give me street life
'Cos it's the only life I want to know
I am alive.
Track Name: October
Inago Jones fathered long ago bones
Plato points up to the sky
Wider and mightier awning above
Ruled by the watch and the gun
Slow down, look up
Who are these people we trust in our lives?
Who is the law of the land?
Who are these people we trust with our lives?
Who is the law of the land?
Slow down
Look up
Track Name: November
Losing definition, fading into you
And I do not know what it is that I'm supposed to do
Keeping up the image I'm keeping up the pace
Hang a sign around my neck saying 'Watch this space'
It's all smoke and mirrors
A toxic waste, a plastic crutch
A soft embrace, a lover's touch
They're throwing sticks at the moon
Radio's playing out of tune
And I, I need you so
More than I ever needed anyone
And I know, I'm so heavy dear
It's so hard to carry when I can only sing one song
It's all smoke and mirrors
A toxic waste, a plastic crutch
A soft embrace, a lover's touch
They're throwing sticks at the moon
Hold me, hold me, hold me
Track Name: December
Pressure, dark and stormy weather
Another day in December
Spread a little love
Pressure, I'm cracking under the pleasure
Another day in December
Spread a little love
Track Name: The Monk Jumps Over The Wall
I can't remember when I saw you last
The days and months move so fast
Trying to walk straight down a crooked road
Trying to turn plastic into gold
It's been a long time since I've seen you, man
I'm sorry if I've been so hard
I thought somehow you didn't care
It's good to see you smile again
It's been a long time since I've seen you, man